Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jesuit prayer for Benedict XVI

[The Jesuits of Creighton University are offering this prayer for newly elected Pope Benedict XVI through their Online Ministry]

Let us pray.

Father, eternal shepherd, we thank you for your fidelity to your Church, your pilgrim People of God.

We hold up to you our new Pope, Benedict XVI. Through the work of your Holy Spirit, he has been chosen to shepherd your people, in your own heart, ensured by the promise of Jesus, that he would never leave us orphaned, and that the gates of hell would never prevail against us.

Guide Pope Benedict with the continuing presence of your Spirit in these days ahead. Let him be the "simple, humble worker in your vineyard."

Give him all the graces he will need to serve your people and unite us in our work of building your Kingdom on earth.

Be gracious to us, O Lord, in the days ahead. Heal our divisions and give us your own joy and peace. Grace us to place our trust in you and to serve one another in faith and in hope. With Pope Benedict as our pastor, may we follow the spirit of John Paul II in proclaiming your Word, in the defense of human dignity, and uniting our brothers and sisters of every faith tradition in the path of peace and justice in our world.

For those who have any fears, within the Catholic community or around the world, we ask the deepest blessing of your tender care and confident trust in you.

We ask this with faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and in union with your Holy Spirit, now and forever.



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