Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Farewell to paradise

My last full month on the Treasure Coast, where every day is paradise and New Yorkers still manage to complain, is underway.

I've been scheduled for my last month of parish ministries. I've had the last meeting with my West Palm Beach spiritual director.

Before long, I'll be enjoying my last trip to the beach and my last newspaper deadline.

But rather than kvetch about the loss of each relationship, lizard and palm tree, I'm just enjoying my last days in Florida.

I am grateful to store the past year in my memory.

The experience of four hurricanes should provide plenty of stories. And the professional experiences, including run-ins with the mob and bogus plastic surgeons, will only get more surreal with time.

Last and not least, I can now answer the question of where Floridians go for vacation: further south.


Blogger vox said...

i was surfing online and saw your post so i thought i'd leave a comment. man, you could indeed very well gain weight. if there's such a thing as "freshman 15" in college, there's probably an equivalent "novitiate 15" in formation. if i hadn't watched my diet and if i hadn't exercised regularly, i would have gained as much weight as the others in seminary. luckily i did both. but i must say they do a fine job at seminary in stressing not only spiritual health but also physical health. both are important in ministry. so, my best wishes in your formation; as you enter formation, i on the other hand will be leaving it and entering full-time ministry soon. blessings! vox

June 01, 2005 11:20 PM  

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