Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well, my prayer life seems to be going nicely as I prepare to decamp Florida: A little spiritual reading, silent reflection and breviary sustain me almost daily.

Work is ok too. Today I received a videotape in the mail from Rodney Rothman, a young comedy writer I interviewed for a feature story last month.

The tape contained a television interview between Rodney and ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who holds up a copy of my article at one point during the segment.

Ironically, the article was one of the more loosely-written things I've written. Such are the pieces which typically land me or my sources on radio and television talk shows.

Timing is everything. Rodney could have held up the New York Times article on the same subject, but my story happened to appear as he was making his South Florida book tour.

Anyway, our interview was fun.


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