Thursday, April 07, 2005


As I enter the Jesuits, a Roman Catholic religious order, I've been asked to create a website so people close to me can follow my spiritual journey.

This site is an answer to that request. I'm hoping to post occasional reflections from my prayer life here.

When appropriate, the reflections will be lifted from my prayer journal, the notebook where I jot down feelings and thoughts drawn from what I believe to be my experience of Jesus Christ in prayer.

My reflections are not necessarily representative of Christian life or Catholic religious life.

In other words, readers should not take my writings too seriously, and should feel free to discard them.

I believe it's an objective reality that God speaks to us as individuals, but I believe he does so in vastly different ways. There is no cookie-cutter spiritual blueprint that works equally for everyone.

All reflections posted here will be those that I find helpful or important in my spiritual life. But not all will be edifying to particular people.

So as you read this website, please disregard the useless, heartless and ignorant. Feel free to comment and question. And please pray for me.


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